South Florida’s most active and militant social justice organization.

The Labor-Community Alliance of South Florida (LCASF) seeks to unite people and organizations in the struggle against the Trump administration’s march towards totalitarianism.

We stand firm in the defense of the Democratic and Economic rights of the American people.

We are affiliated with Our Revolution and Justice Democrats.

We Believe:

Raise the Minimum Wage to $15/hr.

Health Care for All & Expand Social Security.

Tuition-Free Public College & University.

Fight for Racial Justice & Defend Civil Rights.

Reform Policing, Prisons and Drug Laws.

Address Climate Change & Oppose Keystone XL.

Tax the Rich & End Corporate Welfare.

Rebuild Our Crumbling Infrastructure.

Support the Right of Workers to Unionize.

Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship.

Get Big Money Out of Politics.

Guarantee the Right to Vote for All Citizens.

Support Public Education.

Fighting for Women’s Rights.