The Proof of the Pudding is in the Taste

Those of you that had a chance to watch President Trump this morning might have been moved by his words and his demeanor (even tearing up) when talking about the massacres of this weekend. Massacre that his words have encouraged and his lack of action in dealing with the mortal issue of allowing  weapons of war in the hands of civilians. I will dare to say that Trump’s performance was an example of how dangerous this man can be.


We have to realize that Trump and his allies are very focused in making sure that they win the 2020 election. Four more years of plundering. They will do whatever is needed to make sure that this will happen. The Trump team will prefer to retain the presidential seat without much fuss. They realize in a 7/27/19 Fox News Poll pitting Trump against Joe Biden, Trump is losing by 10 points. They realize that the back-to-back massacres have not been very appealing to the American people. And The people of America should not be allowed to forget the words that have been used by Trump that are basically a green light to those in his political base have the kind of weaponry that could inflict serious damage to innocent people.


Why I am so sure that Trump was just acting when he went in front of the cameras? The day after the shootings, instead of being available for the shocked American people the President was in his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump decided to stay at the Club and furthermore, attended a wedding being held at the Club where he joked and had fun while families in El Paso and Dayton were mourning their loved ones killed by sympathizers of the President. Trump in 2015 tweeted that we were being invaded by Mexicans and at a rally in Pensacola, Florida he posed the question what are we going to do with these immigrants, and a woman shouted “shoot them” and the President smiled and said that can only be done in the Panhandle.


Now, this morning the President spoke firmly against white supremacy and he mentioned that he is proposing swift action in executing the surviving assassin of El Paso. This creep was so full of hatred that he drove 600 miles just to go and kill Mexicans. The Creep knew exactly what he was doing. He picked a city that is 80% Hispanic.


Even though I seriously doubt that Trump will follow his execution recommendation, I do hope that he does. I believe if Dylann Roof had been executed, instead of being taken to get a burger, that there will be second thoughts on these assassins minds.


Can the president change? I doubt it and the proof of the pudding will be what he says to his base at his next rally. In the meantime, Trump will be trying to fool us again as he did to many in the 2016 election. By now, many Americans are beginning to become convinced that President Trump is an existential threat to many Americans.