Rest In Power Mitchell Stollberg

South Florida lost one of our most dedicated and tireless progressive political activists this weekend with the passing of Mitchell Stollberg. Despite serious health issues Mitchel could always be counted on and was on the front lines of the struggles for social and environmental justice.
An unabashed Berniecrat Mitch not only talked the talked, he walked the walked and he was not afraid to take on the party establishment when he felt it was needed. Indeed it was only two weeks ago that Mitch was on the phone with me on the night before the deadline to register for the Broward County Democratic Party Executive Committee election encouraging me to register to run as a committeeman. He did this not because he was seeking personal gain or recognition but because of his commitment to the struggle to make the Democratic Party truly represent the interests of working people and the oppressed. I am running unopposed for that position so I will be serving on the next Broward DEC but sadly it will be without the leader, my dear friend and motivator who pushed me to do the right thing and run for that position. I can’t say enough how much I will miss him, his stubborn dedication and his motivating example to stick to our principles and do the right thing My dear friend Mitch you will be sorely missed but your spirit will live on whenever people come together in our community to fight for a better world.
In Mitch’s spirit let me end by saying, don’t morn, organize! Mitchell Stollberg Presente!

Jack Lieberman,
South Florida Labor Community Alliance