The count now is 182,923 people that has officially passed away because of Covid-19. The projections are for 300,000 by November. I sincerely believe that is low-balling. Why? because we are coming now to a point that medical science is going to be placed aside to accommo-date the needs of the economy. President Trump only concern is his reelection chances. The economy needs to pick up rapidly so President Trump has something to brag about because just bragging about how he is going getting tough with China is not too credible.The nation is going to be placed on harm’s way. For the economy to pick up the kids need to come back physically to school. That will free the parents to go to work.No mat-ter the recent negative experiences across the nation with kids getting infected, those objections are going to be by-passed. The economy needs parents going back to work. (BTW, we are getting a solid economic lesson with this conflict as another example of the power that workers have. There is no money to be made if there is no people doing the work). As a recent New York Timessaid recent-ly (8/25/20) “This injection of politics into medical science is dangerous and politically fatal.” Politically fatal because reaching 300,000+ is going to touch many, many families. Our people are dying while other nations are being able to conquer the virus. Republicans are going to have to sup-press millions of votes if they want to win in those condi-tions.We also have witnessed the various attempts by the Trump Administration to get people back in the streets. First, he recommended to the American people that they should inject bleach. When a torrent of criticism made him back down from pushing bleach injections, the turn came for the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which had some backing until it began to kill people. And my fear is that the worst is yet to come. Now, to keep us in the dark it is being recommended that asymptomatic people should not be tested. This is very dangerous because these are the people that are going around spreading the virus with-out people being able to know that they are dealing with a carrier. This one of the reasons people are requested to wear a mask so it will prevent asymptomatic people from infecting others.There is no doubt that the Democratic Convention did help Joe Biden pick up some ground. In a CBS/YouGov poll mentioned by the Wall Street Journal columnist William Galston (8/26/20) it states that before the Convention 49% of the people voting for Biden were saying that they were voting for him because of Donald Trump. After the Con-vention that number declined to 42%. That’s still worri-some, but is much better. I believe it would help Biden much to acknowledge the reasons for discontent of the many people that were economically affected during the Obama administration, and by the TPP. The reason many people that once voted for Obama turned to Trump is be-cause they didn’t see Hillary Clinton as a vehicle of change for themselves and their communities.Winning comfortably means getting those young people that were energized and worked hard in the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. These young peo-ple are not going to become excited being told that a Biden victory means going back to a past when $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, the New Green Deal, Defunding the Police, free public higher education, were not given much possibility of happening or never heard of. Biden has an opportunity to surround himself with people that will help articulate new ideas that will help the majority of the people move forward socially and economically.Again, Biden needs to acknowledge that the economic problems of the rust belt and the rural areas of America didn’t begin with Trump. There is nothing that people ap-preciate more than being told the truth. That will be the distinctive feature that separates Biden from Trump. Trump is an accomplished liar. He can lie as if he was sin-cerely telling you the truth. But, there are certain lies that Biden can pounce on and don’t allow Trump to sneak his way out of dealing with the lie, for example those jobs that left the industrial Midwest barren and went to China are coming back. The only way that those jobs are coming back is if United States began to pay very low wages and forgo pensions and benefits that once made those industri-al jobs a route to middle class America. Also recognize that the bailout of 2008 might have saved the 1% econo-my, but it didn’t do anything for working people that lost so much during the excesses of the Bush years.To conclude, Biden needs to firm up the base of the Dem-ocraticPartybyborrowingfromObamaandBernieandthat’s by presenting the American people in a cohesive manner and with firmness the hope of a better future. To do otherwise is to put in jeopardy an electoral victory against the main enemy of the American people.