Prepare to Fight


“I am certain that we won’t have a winner on November 4th. And it’s a big possibility that in November 4th it might look like as if Trump got re-elected. Why? Most Democratic votes are coming through the mail and the possibilities are that the Trump people, those same people that are doing such a lousy job of protecting the American people from COVID-19 will repeat their lousy performance with the USPS and the delivery of ballots to their destination. It is expected that more than half of the ballots will arrive through the mail to be counted, with many different states having different expectations. For example, in my beloved Pennsylvania, the State Supreme Court just ruled that ballots must be counted if received by November 6th and it can be determined that those ballots were sent on Election Day or if it is unclear when they were postmarked, but were received by November 6th. The bottom line is because of the mishandled pandemic and Republicans chicanery we can expect a very difficult election. So what does this mean in practical terms? Like everything else power comes through the mental preparation that we have allowed for ourselves and this means we have to start preparing for a fight. We are not going to get out of the situation that we are in by wishing and hoping. Trump and his minions have much ransacking to still do. We need to be organized. We should be looking to be in mentally sane progressive groups with mentally sane progressive leadership that combines those attributes with a desire to push the needle forward. We can beat the Fascists, the haters, and the Greed Addicts if we act intelligently and recognize our strengths and weaknesses.” Lorenzo Canizares 9/19/20