We Won’t Be Excluded

“There are only two governmental agencies that I know of that  are mentioned in the US Constitution, and that is the United States Postal Service and the other is classified as the first task of government that is engraved in the  US Constitution is the Census Agency. And both agencies are under attack from the Trump administration because these agencies are seen as vehicles of inclusion and the Trump administration is a mortal enemy of inclusion. Inclusion is anathema to those striving for whitening the country. But, there is a serious problem with that quest, this nation wouldn’t be much if it hadn’t been for the labor extracted from slavery and the contributions of hard working immigrants responsible for a significant portion of the industrialization, structural construction, and service oriented occupations. Whatever “greatness” exists in America is shared by many different groups of people. We have until Oct.31 to register all the people living in our country. Let’s make that a must do task.” Lorenzo Canizares 9/13/20