To practice decency in politics you don’t have to be a communist.

 In Miami, maybe more than any other place in the nation, people are branded as Communists for being to the left of Hitler. This incredible political distortion is having a tremendous effect in the people of South Florida and has spread around the nation as also an attack on socialism. 

Republicans have been the main guilty party of these political attacks. Their thrust is to create the sentiment that any proposal or program that helps regular common folks are communist in nature.
What is also tragic is that many Corporate Democrats fall into that distortion too. But, let’s be clear, neither the Republicans or Corporate Democrats that use this vehicle of “defamation” do it because they are confused, they do it to stop any attempt of having to deal with forceful advocates of political programs that address issues that will benefit the economic conditions of the working class and middle class. 
Here in Miami, where so many people come from countries that have had revolutions or social upheaval in benefit of the lower classes, and most of us are not part of those lower classes, tagging someone as communist takes a special connotation of disdain. Tool that is widely used by those that want to maintain the environment of corruption that the City of Miami is widely known for. 
The Magic City where everything goes! The city has made national news again as the forces of corruption won again by firing the City of Miami Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, that came here from Houston prodded by the City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, to clean up the corruption in the City. 
As Chief Acevedo took the request seriously and began the cleaning process, the “Masters of Corruption” began their counterattack. And as Miami Herald’s columnist Fabiola Santiago in her excellent expose of 10/17 about these Miami “misleaders” said “those who got Acevedo fired were against him from the first speech he delivered. He talked about police reform, relational community policing and inclusion of African Americans in the top ranks as priorities.” Definitely communist issues. 
As many have said the best spokespersons for communism is the Miami right-wing community. Greed-Addicts that are racists to the core. But, sadly, not many of the non-Republicans protested this vile act of corruption protection. 
Sad. But, they will have a chance to redeem themselves. Chief Acevedo is a fighter and he will be back. People all over the nation are encouraged to provide support to Miami’s “Non-Republicans” to stand fast in the defense of decency in government. 
They need to be reminded that someone don’t have to be a communist to practice decency in politics.

Lorenzo Canizares