Unable to Think Straight

By Lorenzo Canizares
Tonight, Fox TV was unhinged. Sean Hannity was blasting the President unmercifully because of Biden’s newly announced Covid-19 mandate. The mandate will require all federal employees and government contractors to get vaccinated against Covid-19.  According to a 9/9/21 Reuters article, this will affect millions of people. It seems as if Right-wing plans to harm the American people had gone astray.
A week ago, Andres Oppenheimer, a columnist that writes for the Miami Herald who nobody could ever accuse of having a left-wing cell in his body, wrote about his visit to Denmark and his finding that most people were not wearing masks, Oppenheimer titled his article “If U.S. had fought Covid the way Denmark did, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be alive,” Miami Herald 9/2/21.
Now, Denmark is over 90% white, and the vast majority of those whites being of Scandinavian make-up. But these “very white people” have reached the state that they are in because they have followed the protocols that have been set by the government following scientific guidelines to fight the virus. When they were told to lockdown, they did so. They didn’t have the Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and other of our local white supremacist geniuses encouraging the masses of white Trump believers to disregard government recommendations especially after Biden’s inauguration.
As per Oppenheimer, Denmark has 72% vaccination rate compared to 51% in the USA. And that’s only Denmark. Several other white countries could tell the same experience. Even though stupidity is found spread out throughout the world it seems that there is a much higher concentration of it in the USA. The white supremacy mindset of many Americans makes them susceptible to snake oil salespeople that take advantage of their prejudices to control their behavior. I am sure that Denmark and some the other white countries have some of these same nuts, but not as prevalent as we have here in the USA.
Let’s not take lightly what these “nuts” are able to accomplish. These are the descendants of the Nazi’s Gestapo and Brown Shirts. These are the people with the same ideology as those responsible for the extermination of six million Jews and one million others. These people have taken over the control of the minds of tens of millions of Americans as we saw in the spectacle of January 6th at the Capitol. And that was no joke. Those people were just minutes away from having been able to destroy our democracy. And these people haven’t given up their hostility and repeated attempts to subvert our democracy will continue to happen for sure. Especially, since the pain for their misdeeds has almost been non-existent.
Have we seen a more ridiculous discussion that the one around the use of masks? Several hospitals throughout the nation are filled to capacity because of Covid patients. In these areas of the country if you have a heart attack you might have to rely on the old Republican formula of good wishes and prayers for your recovery. This is happening because several Republican governors have made a point of accentuating “freedom” to engage people in a campaign against the use of masks. Put this together with the fact that with a few notable exceptions, so notable that I would have a hard time, naming one Republican that have pushed hard for people to get vaccinated.
So, the white supremacy mindset of Republicans gives us lukewarm vaccinations, no masks (I know the Creeps will say they stand for choice but look at the example of Arizona where Gov. Ducey created two grant programs that would give funds to families and school districts that refused the mask mandates. Take the example of Gov. Noem from South Dakota that encouraged the Sturgis motorcycle rally knowing that it will be a Covid-19 spreader. Consequently, infection numbers have shot up in her state by more than 600% since the start of the bike rally in early August. Could it be that the white supremacy mindset turns once intelligent people into stupid fools? Abbott says he is going to kill all rapists in Texas.) If it weren’t so costly on people lives, these stupidities will rival the Monty Python film series.
The only logical explanation for Republican stupidity in the fight against Covid is that Republicans don’t want the Biden administration to succeed. This is nothing new. Didn’t McConnell right after Obama’s election expressed that his goal was to make Obama a one-term president? We shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe we should be surprised that there were some of us on our side of the equation that expected Republicans to behave as if the well-being of the country mattered to them.
The Biden administration has lofty goals. The “Human Infrastructure Bill” also known as the “Reconciliation Bill” if it gets passed will bring a monumental change to the American people. New Deal like. Republicans know this and they also know they can’t let it happen. And let’s be clear for them bill obstruction is not their only option. All these talks about major rallies and the continuation of the propagation of the Big Lie are part and parcel of what they have at their disposal as a Plan B to regain power. Not too different from what is going to be tried by the same ideologues in Brazil. A new Axis in formation. Sounds far-fetched? Maybe, but who can accuse white supremacists of being able to think straight?