Curtailing the Big Lie

Fight Racism

The Big Lie keeps reverberating through right wing media. Believers are doing crazy things like what happened in January 6th. Talking out loud about the second coming of Trump. Threatening people with mayhem on the Donald’s name. Is this a way to run a civilized nation? Why are these people getting away with creating havoc? 

The Big Lie has many preachers and followers. In the history of humanity, the major fib tellers has benefited from Big Lies by amassing power and money. And we are seeing the same thing happening in our nation right in front of our eyes. The Big Lie and all the craziness associated with it are purposefully displayed for the maximum benefit of those “preaching” the lies. 
We live in very complicated times that reflect many past occurrences, the difference today is that people before will accept the Big Lie and quietly go about the business of surviving. In today’s America the Big Lie keeps getting repeated by a team of people working in unison, pushing a white supremacist line, to make sure the nation fails in  its attempt to reflect in its leadership the nation’s diversity .
The Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats keeps being repeated. And people that are open to white supremacy thinking are willing to act upon it. Trump has encouraged them in the past, and will continue to encourage them through dog whistles to keep the flame alive .
This past week the nation went into a standstill because the rumor was circulating among the “followers” that Trump will come back on March 4. The nation with the most powerful military and economic force in the world was paralyzed by rumors. But, it was the right call. No sane person wanted to see a repeat of what happened on January 6 when our nation was at the verge of incalculable damage to our democracy. 
Preachers and followers. Can we allow preachers to lie at will? Can we allow havoc be created as a result of these lies? Our liberal, permissive free speech laws, under the guise of protecting free speech, allow lies to fly unchallenged without fear of accountability. 

Now, that people are beginning to take legal action against some of these outright liars, for example, California Congressman Eric Swalwell, who is suing former President Trump and Rudy Giuliani for inciting the “followers” to riot. Swalwell should not be going solo on this. The Big Lie could be curtailed with a concerted effort to show the “Preachers” there is a price to pay for their lies.


Lorenzo Canizares